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Everett Health Happenings

Listed below are some interesting community health resources, events, and activities taking place in and around Everett over the next couple months. Please share with community friends and partners. To ...

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Welcome to the Everett Community Health Partnership

A Healthy Communities Coalition led by the Cambridge Health Alliance & the City of Everett.

Our Vision

ECHP envisions an Everett where all residents, regardless of income, race, language, ethnicity, or age, have equitable access and ability to reach full physical, mental, social and economic health, resulting ...

About Us

The Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP) is a multi-sector healthy communities coalition led by the Cambridge Health Alliance and the City of Everett, and includes partners from various clinical, educational, ...

Priority Areas of the Everett Community Health Partnership

  • The Substance Abuse Coalition is committed to bringing together and mobilizing the diverse community of Everett to address issues associated with substance use and abuse. While promoting positive health and well-being, especially among our youth, through a range of prevention efforts, the coalition uses multiple strategies in multiple settings to change the social norms on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.  

  • The Everett Youth Network, coordinated by ECHP-SAC, facilitates youth development & leadership in several ways. The Network is a collaboration of youth workers and individuals who provide direct-service, support & guidance to youth and youth-serving organizations in Everett. Contact: Jaime Lederer Phone: 617-591-6808  

    In 2015 EYN prioritized the following areas:

    Youth Jobs/Employment: Collaborate with city's summer youth jobs program in addition to advocate for more year-round employment opportunities for teens younger than 18.

    Healthy Development & Health Education: Maintain established partnerships between healthcare, public schools and substance abuse coalition to reduce substance use and teen pregnancy and increase high school graduation and post-secondary education/careers.

    Violence Prevention: Developing partnerships between youth, immigrant communities and police to reduce gang violence and increase community safety and relationships among adults and youth.

    Youth Leadership Development: Increase youth program opportunities that develop community leaders and civic engagement.

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    Download our 2015 Everett Youth Resource Guide


    Teens Leading the Way

    Teens Leading the Way (TLTW) is a statewide, youth-led coalition which seeks to empower young people to create lasting change through policy-making. TLTW yo ...

    Kids United By Service (KUBS)

    KUBS are young people ages 12-18 who volunteer and assist with the mission and goals of the Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare in Everett. These stud ...

    Everett Teen Enrichment Center

    The Everett Teen Enrichment Center, a collaboration between the City of Everett and the Malden YMCA, is a drop-in program open to Everett youth ages 10-19. ...

    Empowering Youth in our Community (EYC)

    A youth development program with a focus on community service learning that is based at Everett High School. Students meet weekly to earn credit for this ye ...

  • How a community meets citizen needs to access basic living requirements like living wage jobs, a good education, healthy food, and affordable safe places to live and play determines the health of individuals and the entire community. The partners of the Everett Community Health Partnership work to increase community and civic engagement around these key social determinants of health through community events, workshops and planning processes. Some ECHP partners involved in community and civic engagement initiatives include:

    One Everett

    One Everett Works to ensure resident access and inclusion in all aspects of civic life, building a healthy community that ensures that issues of economic an ...

    Everett Community Growers (ECG)

    Everett Community Growers (ECG) is a program of theEverett Community Health Partnership (ECHP), working to improve health outcomes and increase civic engage ...

  • There are many initiatives and strategies that ECHP partners implement to ensure equitable access to healthy food and physical activity for all who live, work, play and pray in Everett.  

    Everett Community Growers (ECG)

    Everett Community Growers (ECG) is a program of theEverett Community Health Partnership (ECHP), working to improve health outcomes and increase civic engagement among Everett residents through urb ...

    Energize Everett

    ​Energize Everett is a program of the Everett Health Department that works to implement policy, systems and environmental change strategies aimed at increasing healthy eating and active living for ...

Additional Priority Areas of ECHP Partners

  • Health Care Access
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Economic Justice
  • Education
  • Mental Health Care
  • Racial Justice
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Employment & Job Resources
  • English Language Learning
  • Out of School Time Education

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