The Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP) is a multi-sector healthy communities coalition led by the Cambridge Health Alliance and the City of Everett, and includes partners from various clinical, educational, community and social service organizations.


Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of the people of Everett by creating opportunities for individuals and organizations to work collaboratively and strategically in addressing important challenges facing the community.  At the core of all ECHP activities is the desire to increase communication, encourage interdependence and ensure that critical health data and information are made easily available and shared.

Our Vision

ECHP envisions an Everett where all residents, regardless of income, race, language, ethnicity, or age, have equitable access and ability to reach full physical, mental, social and economic health, resulting in a healthy community that meets the diverse needs of both long-time and newly arrived residents.

Core Activities

We are coordinating and networking Everett community prevention efforts; participating in the provision of education, training and technical assistance services to the community at large; collecting, assessing, and disseminating community health data; community visioning; and coordinating systems change efforts.

ECHP supports community organizations and coalitions that work on a multitude of issues that affect health and quality of life, including substance abuse prevention, children's health care access and advocacy, children's oral health, nutrition and physical activity promotion, domestic violence prevention, elder mental health, immigrant health, and environmental change and improvement.

Since 2003 ECHP has helped facilitate the implementation of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey; obtained federal grant funds to develop and begin implementing a home-bound elder mental health program; and obtained state grant funds to begin a teen pregnancy prevention program and an oral health program for Head Start children. ECHP coordinates the Everett Substance Abuse Coalition and provides strategic planning and program implementation assistance to the Joint Committee for Children's Health Care in Everett and the Mayor's Multicultural Affairs Commission.

ECHP has written the first Everett Community Health Assessment report and is currently in the process of developing a Guide to Everett Community Groups and Coalitions.

ECHP Steering Committee

The 2015 ECHP Steering Committee is made up of staff from Cambridge Health Alliance and the City of Everett, and we are looking to create a more diverse multi-sector steering Committee in 2016.

Steering Committee Members

  • Kathleen O’Brien, ECHP Director
  • Jean Granick, ECHP Substance Abuse Coalition Director
  • Jaime Lederer, ECHP Substance Abuse Coalition Coordinator
  • Bob Marra, ECHP Special Projects Coordinator
  • Alba Cruz-Davis, Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare in Everett Executive Director


  • Karen Avila, Energize Everett Director
  • DeAndra Davis, Everett Mass in Motion Coordinator
  • Elaine Silva, Everett Health Department Interim Director
  • Sabrina Torra, Everett Health Department Public Health Nurse
  • Marzie Galazka, Everett Department of Planning and Development Deputy Director