Everett Community Growers (ECG) is a program of theEverett Community Health Partnership (ECHP), working to improve health outcomes and increase civic engagement among Everett residents through urban agriculture and other food justice initiatives

ECG Membership is comprised of residents and local organizational leaders committed to food justice. Members work to create spaces for growing food in the city, as well as conduct workshops and other community engagement activities aimed at increasing residents’ knowledge and understanding of health equity and food justice. Everett Community Growers currently runs the Florence Street Community Garden and the Tremont Street Community Garden, and in 2016 will create a community farm to grow organic produce for area food pantries. ECG is also working on advocating for policy changes to support community gardening and urban farming. A community gardening policy was signed by Mayor Carlo de Maria on May 28, 2015. Read the policy HERE.


ECG has evolved from a small group of Everett residents who wanted an accessible, inexpensive source of healthy food, to a community partnership of residents, local organizations and agencies, school and city staff, working together to create spaces for residents to grow their own food all over the City of Everett.  In 2010, the Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP) established Everyone Eats Healthy in Everett (EEHE), a project made possible by a grant from the Boston Public Health Commission Center for Health Equity and Social Justice to confront issues of food access, racial justice and health equity in the city.  Realizing that access to affordable produce is very limited in Everett, those working on EEHE decided that growing their own food was one way of combating the rising epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases facing their community and many communities across the U.S.  They also realized that creating gardens is a great way for residents from different backgrounds to grow, share and learn together.  Today, ECG exists as a continuance of the EEHE project, with over 30 families growing in two community gardens, and many other members working to create and protect spaces in the city for personal and commercial food production.

What ECG has done so far:


Created Everett’s first community garden at Florence Street Park


Expanded Florence Street Community garden from 10 to 13 plots


Conducted a land inventory and assessment to identify future spaces for community gardens and farms

Began working on an Urban Agriculture Ordinance


Created Everett’s second community garden on Tremont Street (22 plots) and

Conducted 10 urban gardening workshops

Awarded $15,000 Nature’s Path Grant to create new community farm to grow organic produce for area food pantries

Partners: La Comunidad, Inc., Energize Everett


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