One Everett Works to ensure resident access and inclusion in all aspects of civic life, building a healthy community that ensures that issues of economic and social injustices are addressed, focused on Housing Affordability, Good Jobs, Education, and Immigrant rights.

It is very difficult for municipalities with populations of 40-50,000 to get traction on issues because of their small size. Regional collaborations can energize projects, providing access to groups, leaders, and networking opportunities and events to drive campaigns to collective success. Integral to One Everett’s actions and campaigns is civic engagement because the real story here is creating voic Introducing traditionally disenfranchised groups to the political process is one step toward leveling the playing field. One Everett holds rallies, community dinners, and regular meetings, generating press and community buy-in. Monthly dinners and meetings are held in Everett to develop strategies around casino hearings, and future actions to build community.

We want to bring all the communities together, especially the immigrant communities. We want them to know that their vote counts and to understand that there are capable and qualified candidates that represent our issues, and, that we will become informed registered voters as part of the greater community. The immigrant communities will and must show their strength in the upcoming elections.


  • La Comunidad, Inc.
  • Action for Regional Equity
  • Everett Haitian Community Center
  • MA Jobs with Justice
  • Everett Community Health Partnership
  • MCTF/SEIU 32BJ, Everett residents 


In 2004 the Multicultural Affairs Commission (MAC), composed of newly arrived immigrants and long time Everett residents (both people of color and whites), was created to address racism and poverty and their effect on health.  After years of discussion and soul-searching on the issues, the group decided they needed a campaign to rally around, and they found it in 2012. That was the year Action for Regional Equity started the good jobs discussion. Their slogan, “bad jobs hurt the whole community” caught fire and One Everett was born of that discussion.  Today One Everett (OE), is a network of neighborhood groups responding to the epidemic of poor-quality jobs for Everett residents, with leadership from Action for Regional Equity (AFRE), a regional coalition of 11 groups working to change the socio-economic landscape for communities of color living in low opportunity areas.   

Good Jobs, Education, Affordable Housing and Immigrant Justice. 

Work examples:

Since 2013, in collaboration with regional partners in and around Boston, One Everett has had 3 significant successes with “good jobs” that will lead to concrete life improvements for Everett residents, including a significant expansion of civic participation for both immigrant and non-immigrant resident members of One Everett:
  • Signature gathering through Raise Up Massachusetts for a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage resulted in the highest minimum wage in the country being voted by the state legislature. Everett residents, mobilized by One Everett, were excited to join in this effort, putting Everett in the top 10 cities in the state for share of signatures per capita.  
  • With many immigrant Everett residents working at Logan Airport in low wage service jobs, One Everett led the community coalition which supported the improvement of wage standards set by MassPort.  MassPort has now set a precedent-setting new wage standard of $1 per hour over the new minimum wage.
  • In 2014, One Everett leaders testified before the Mass Gaming Commission, met with casino applicants, and gathered a regional coalition to join with us to demand that all the jobs at the casino be good jobs, whether they have a union or not.  With  urging and evidence, the Gaming Commission added a Condition to the license for Wynn's Everett casino setting a goal of over $41,000 as a wage floor with 75% of all jobs on the property being full time.
  • OE is working with parents and the teachers union to increase immigrant parent involvement in the public schools.
  • Voter registration and other civic engagement events to increase voting with new citizens.