Founded in 2005, TEASA is a youth initiative of the Everett Community Health Partnership – Substance Abuse Coalition. TEASA provides opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills through group meetings, trainings, planning community events and fun activities for all involved.

TEASA’s mission is to raise awareness in the Everett community of the harmful effects of substance use and abuse by youth. TEASA is dedicated to being a voice for all teens in Everett. TEASA strives to model positive behavior, encouraging other teens to be responsible and choose the right path.

TEASA works to increase the community’s understanding of the risks associated with substance use and abuse, works with city leaders and participating in statewide efforts as well. TEASA advocates for improving youth opportunities and the social conditions that impact positive youth development in Everett and in the region.







For more information contact Jaime Lederer,; 617-591-6808